Sion is a company that is giving the opportunity to all people to be part of this HUGE RESIDUAL that counts with more than 50 PAYMENT METHODS which are the sum of the payment methods of all the companies of which SION LTD is an independent representative.

With Sion we offer our affiliates and customers the following categories: health, wellness, beauty, travel, hotel, tourism, automotive, household items, toys, accommodation, activities, electronics, fitness, entertainment, food and drink, local services, flights, general shopping, online courses, restaurants, gardening, man section, women and children, clothing and accessories brand such as Hugo Boss, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Michael Kors, etc. Also, shoes, jewellery, skin care, gas, energy, phones, merchant services, high-speed internet, security, home automation and much more!

When people come to Sion it is very easy to find any item in any category, we have a wide range of products and services catering for every need imaginable.


It is very important for us to compensate our partners and affiliates, which is why we reward them with the following forms of extra income

Payment for Recommendation

Whenever you refer someone to Sion and that person becomes a member of Sion with the purchase of one of our membership packs, you will receive from £50 to £200 Gold membership £50 - Platinum Membership £150 - Diamond Membership - £200


For every 500 members, Sion will make a draw with a prize of £ 5,000. This bonus will be unlimited.

Hot Deals

You will receive 10% net of all that is sold through the ``Hot Deals`` area of Sion.

Omnilife & Seytú cosmetics

You will receive from 10% to 30% net of all products sold by Omnilife and Seytú beauty line.

VIP Member

We will give 10% of the company's net between the VIP members. This bonus is semi-annual and for life. Once the limit is reached a draw of £10,000 will be made among the people who have acquired the VIP Membership.